ZEPHYRA – Metal band from Borås, Sweden.
With Åsa´s distinctive female vocals,
Zephyra provides a wide sound in the metal genre,
with the roots in thrash and melodic death metal.

Since the official start back in 2011, the band has released two full length albums,
played shows around Sweden (Metaltown, Vicious Rock Festival, Skrik & Panik Fest amongst others) and Europe, done live shows on the radio,
and frequently been aired on international radio shows.
Zephyra has supported both The Agonist and The Raven Age on live shows.

The debut album, “Mental Absolution”, was released on Wormholedeath Records in 2014. The second full length album; ‘As The World Collapses’,
was recorded in the last quarter of 2015, and mixed/mastered by Christian Donaldson 
at The Grid (Montreal, Canada).
‘As The World Collapses’ was released through Inverse Records on August 5, 2016.
With the new album, Zephyra got to show a bigger and more atmospheric sound than before,
heavy and rhythmic, with keyboards and Åsas full ranged, diverse vocals.

In September 2017, a new single, ‘The Darkest Black‘, was released via Inverse Records and it builds a bridge between their second album, the critically acclaimed “As the World Collapses,” and the progress of writing and recording a third one. Once again the band worked with Micke Andersson at MRG Studios (Borås) for recording and producing, and with Christian Donaldson at The Grid (Montreal) for the mix and master works; a superb team as showcased on the last album.

With this single, Zephyra shows that they are a band to reckon with!

Zephyra brings a professional, energetic attitude on stage, and always deliver a 200% show. When it comes to bringing the fans a great show, there´s just one way to do it: To the max!

Official links:


Åsa Netterbrant, info(at)zephyra.se

About; ‘The Darkest Black’:
“Sweden’s Zephyra is back with new metal single that is going to make you scream for more music!”
-Diane Webb, Yesterdazesnews

“The Darkest Black is an excellent piece of death metal, laced with a few symphonic elements. 
Fans can easily trust these Swedes to deliver the goods. If this single serves as the appetizer for the upcoming album, the melodic death metal future looks a bit brighter again.”
-Merchants Of Air

About; ‘As The World Collapses’:
“10/10. What more can one want from an album, this has an excellent combination
of powerful songs and grinding thunderous evil power with little blends of subtle moments
to give you little breathers in between the savage assaults to your senses.”
-Graham Letchford, Black Phoenix Rising

“5/5. All this tells me I have just mentioned a true masterpiece of 2016.”
– United Rock Nations

“5/5. Brilliant album, great riffs, excellent vocals”
Let´s Rock Radio

“10/10. On this album it can be heard that the melodic sound on the album is very well harmonized,
aslo integrated phenomenally with industrial metal sound, making this album a melodic metal masterpiece.
-Vladimir Cincovic, Demon Reports

“9/10. In addition to the perfectly matched combination of pure and extreme vocals, melodies are perfectly matched.”
– RockCult.ru

“4.3/5 – If it’s a hooky, memorable chorus you’re after, you can’t go wrong with listening to Zephyra”
– Rik Scott, Loud-Stuff.com

“9.25/10. To be perfectly frank this album is an absolute belter,
there is not a duff track to be found,
as every one of the nine numbers drive along at a thundering pace.”
– Dave, Ravenheart Music

“8.5/10. The group Zephyra is not afraid to mix and match seemingly odd elements.
And with great effect!”

-Paulina Lyszko, Heavy Metal Music And More 

“4,5/6. The future looks promising for Zephyra based on this record – especially for those who love powerful grooves in the modern metal context.”
-Matt Coe, Eternal Terror

“8/10. Very solid release. I love the mix of screams and cleans. The singer is super talented and keeps your attention for the entirety of this album. That combined with the instrumentals make this and can’t miss this record.”
-Hardwire Metal

“80/100. It is mainly the extreme tough and powerful riffs ,thundering blast beats and other thundering drum patterns,
the firm pumping bass lines and occasional guitar solo that forms the musical frame.
But the biggest attraction of this foursome is without a doubt the voice of Asa.
What that lady squeezes out of her throat is almost unbelievable.
She can sing very sweet and soft, she can do it powerful with clean vocals,
but she can just as well sing with heavy and raw grunts and growls.”
-Luc Ghyselen, Musika.be

“8/10. In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Zephyra,
and if you´re a fan of melodic death metal and modern thrash, you should check out this album.”
Variety Of Death Zine

“The album is strong throughout and one of it’s biggest strengths is it’s unique approach and relentless energy.”
– Noizze

“Each song has a tendency to get stuck inside of your head and before you know it
you are singing along and headbanging until your head falls off of your shoulders.”

“8/10. As the World Collapses keeps the energy level high, the choruses catchy,
and the riffs coming at full speed – without succumbing to a predictable formula.
An impressive second outing.


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