ZEPHYRA – Metal band from BorĂ„s, Sweden.
With Åsa®s distinctive female vocals,
Zephyra provides a wide sound in the metal genre,
with the roots in thrash and melodic death metal.

Since the official start back in 2011, the band has released a couple of EP:s,
played shows around Sweden, done live shows on the radio,
and frequently been aired in american and british radio shows.
After signing a record deal in 2014, the debut album; ‘Mental Absolution’ was released on
Wormholedeath label in December, and the first official video from the album came out the month after.
In March, the album was released in Japan, and a new official video came along with the release.

The second full length album; ‘As The World Collapses’,
was recorded in the last quarter of 2015, and mixed/mastered by Christian Donaldson
at The Grid (Montreal, Canada).
A first video from the new album, directed by Greenworks in Gothenburg,
was released on June 15.
‘As The World Collapses’ was released through Inverse Records on August 5, 2016.
With the new album, Zephyra wants to show a bigger and more atmospheric sound than before, heavy and rhythmic, with keyboards and Åsas full ranged, diverse vocals.

During last year festival shows and a European tour was completed, along with a show as
support for The Agonist at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg.

2017 has a lot in itÂŽs hands, including new material, festivals in England and club gigs.

Zephyra brings a professional, energetic attitude on stage, and always deliver a 200% show.
When it comes to bringing the fans a great show, thereÂŽs just one way to do it: To the max!

Åsa Netterbrant – Vocals
|| SHURE SM58 Wireless || JTS In Ear System ||
Vocal technique: Works with CVT (Complete Vocal Technique).
Masters clean vocals, growls, screams, distorted vocals and some throat singing.

Tony Netterbrant – Guitar
|| ENGL Fireball 100 || ENGL Cabinet || ESP LTD Snakebyte ||
|| SENNHEISER Wireless System || BOSS and TC ELECTRONICS Pedals ||
|| DUNLOP Cry Baby || ERNIE BALL Strings || DUNLOP Picks ||

Jimmy Janzon – Drums
|| PEARL Prestige Session Select || PEARL Demon Drive Direct Link Double Pedal ||
|| MEINL Cymbals || VIC FIRTH Sticks || EVANS Drumheads ||
|| SHURE SE215-CL In Ear || TAMA and PEARL Hardware ||

Emil Popp – Bass
|| AMPEG Micro-CL || AMPEG Cabinet || ZOOM GFX-1 ||
|| EPIPHONE Toby Standard IV || Warwick Rockbass Streamer LX 4 ||
|| EPIPHONE Toby Deluxe V || D’ADDARIO Strings ||